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Welcome to Animin!

Bring to life your very own Digital Pet!

A free-to-play game featuring favourite character T-BO has finally arrived!

Get to know your new friend  on your Android or Apple device and you can look after, play games with and help to grow your very own T-BO. 


Meet the Animin





T-Bo is ready and waiting for you to unlock and love him, and so are his friends!  Once you've got T-Bo healthy and happy, why not bring his friends to life so you can play with all of the Animin and invite them all into your world.

What's in the Animin World?

Nurture Your Animin

Just like real pets, you have to look after your Animin. Which means feeding them (make sure you pick healthy food), giving them medicine when they are sick and cleaning up any nasty messes that they make. If they are happy and healthy (which can see in their Stats screen), they will reward you with Zef tokens. Collect enough of those, and your Animin will evolve!

Animin are cute digital creatures that live on your mobile phone or tablet – and, magically, you can bring them into the real world around you. Once you have an Animin to look after, you will find that you can have endless fun with him or her. Here’s how

Play with Your Animin

There are loads of fun objects in Animin which you can get your Animin to play with. From naughty Fart Buttons to various instruments that let you and your Animin make music, a camera which lets you take selfies with your Animin, a lightbulb which lights him up, a calendar and loads more. Play with your Animin lots, and you will start to rack up plenty of Achievements.

Play Mini-Games

Animin comes with a great way to earn extra coins to help with keeping your Animin happy.  Box Land gives your Animin a lot of exercise too by jumping around, on top of boxes and avoiding the naughty monsters that want to kick you out of their land!


Cannon Clash is another game available only with the Animin Card and is a colourful and and messy way for your Animin to have fun.  If you don't yet have an Animin Card, lets us know and we can send you one, free of charge!


It’s a good idea to play these games a lot, since that is how you will exercise your Animin and every time you play, you’ll get a lovely chest full of Zef tokens to spend on your lucky but exhausted Animin!


Be Part of Animin Today!

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