Animin – FAQs

What is the concept and how does Animin work, in a nutshell?

Animin is your new digital friend on your smartphone or tablet. Animin takes the concept of the digital pet to a completely new level, as it allows you to see, play and interact with your Animin character in the real world, using your phone or tablet’s camera with the AR (Augmented Reality) card to teleport your Animin on to any flat surface in the real world; right in front of your eyes.

Where are they available and how much do they cost?

Animin relaunched in early 2018. Animin is free to download and you have immediate access to your very own T-BO character.  Three further characters are available to unlock and love, for ~99p each (other currencies vary).  There is also the option to purchase an Animin Card which unlocks the Cannon Clash game from select UK stores, or ask for a free card via this website.

What age is the game aimed at?

Animin is suitable for gamers aged 7 and upwards.

Which devices can it work on?

Animin will work on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and on Android tablets and smartphones.

How many characters are there and are you developing more?

There are a total of four collectable characters available immediately.  T-BO is automatically available on download of the app, and you have the option to unlock Mandi, Pi and Kelsi for a low one-off cost through the app.

Will there be updates, what are they and how much will these cost?

Yes, Animin will be updated regularly with constant bug fixes, new items and other exciting offerings to keep Animin the Digital Pet app of choice!

Is there anything you can do to personalise your Animin?

You cannot personalise your Animin character for the launch version of Animin, though we do have plans to add in character personalisation features post-launch. You can personalise your Animin’s environment by choosing from a range of pre-installed themes or by uploading your own pictures and themes from your phone or tablet’s camera.

Can you interact with friends’ Animin?

Unfortunately your Animin can only live within your mobile device and cannot yet explore outside of this realm.  Make sure you visit it often to keep them company, happy and healthy!

How long do Animin live for?

Animin evolve through four separate stages of evolution in the game – from baby through to kid to teen and eventually as full-blown Animin adults.

When you exit the game/app, does the Animin carry on getting hungry, unfit etc, or does it ‘shut down’ effectively each time?

Your Animin will only get hungry or ill or drop its fitness levels when the game/app is running (ie ‘open’) on your smartphone or tablet.

Are there any educational benefits to the game?

The game is socially educational – in that it encourages you to care for and nurture your Animin. However, we should stress that Animin is, first and foremost, a game and a digital entertainment experience. It has not been expressly designed to be an educational app.

How long should kids play for at a time – is there a recommended amount of time?

We hope that kids will enjoy playing Animin both in short bursts (ie to quickly check on their Animin’s wellbeing for a couple of minutes) and in longer gaming sessions (where, for example, the user wants to interact with loads of in-game items, play minigames and concentrate on evolving their Animin to its next stage of evolution). We recommend that gamers take regular breaks every half an hour if they wish to play Animin for extended periods of time.

How do you keep the Animin healthy and fit?

In order to keep your Animin’s fitness level up the user is required to play the minigames. If your Animin’s health level drops, you must administer one of the medicines, selecting from various options available via the medicine icon on the game’s home screen.

How do you know which medicine treatments to give?

Any of the various medicine treatments that are available in the game will increase your Animin’s health level by the same amount.

How do you ‘win’ or progress in the game other than keeping the Animin healthy and fit etc?

The overriding urge to progress in Animin will come from the user’s desire to evolve their character from baby to kid to teen and finally into a full-blown Animin adult.

What online safety measures are in place to protect children online?

We want all of our users to have a safe and fun experience with Animin. As such, we are supported by The Good Toy Guide.

Where can I get my Animin?

The app is available for free download on iTunes via Apple devices and on GooglePlay via Android devices.

Can I just download the free app and not buy the Animin Card?

Yes! The Animin Card allows for an extra minigame where you can earn extra tokens and have a messy time in Cannon Clash - but it is not essential to continuing to love and grow your Animin.  If you wish to have the card - we are offering it for free via this website application.

What age is Animin suitable for?

Children (and adults) of all ages will be entertained, amazed and delighted by the technological magic and the companionship of Animin virtual pets – but it is especially aimed at children aged 7 to 11 years old.

What if I lose my Animin Card?

No problem – you can let us know via this website and we can send you a new one!

Is this technology safe?

Yes, the gameplay within Animin is all non-violent and takes place in a secure, safe and private environment where the only thing your child will interact with is its pet.

Will the Animin world change as my child plays?

We will continue to add features and mini-games as Animin develops. These will be made available automatically to Animin players, via updates of the iOS and Android apps, which will be free of charge. Keep an eye on this website to find out when updates are coming and what to look forward to.


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